Sunday, April 25, 2010

HKMP 4X Country + Road Race [0:47:35]

The 4th Shatin Mixed Terrain Race was held on Apr 25 (Sun) starting at 8:30am at the Siu Lek Yuen Village Car Park; distance is around 9km.

First and foremost: This race puts me over 1,007km since I started keeping stats.

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KmSplit min/km  min/mile +Elevation -Elevation
1            0:04:52 7:51         216                 0
At the starting line, all you could see was a big steep hilly road. Well, luckily the weather was great and cool especially for Hong Kong. I have to tell you I was surprised how fast the runners went out because I myself was under 5 minutes for around 100m elevation. I know the elevation say 216; but I don't believe it. I looked at google map and believe that more.

2            0:06:34 10:35       246                 0
This was all steps going up and up and up. I don't really like to stop running and walk; but this race is a must. You wonder if you are in shape? Well, try this course and you'll realize what your body can handle. For me, I thought the 2 peak hike/run last 2 weekends were enough. I was wrong!

3            0:09:05 14:38       271            -201
This path turned technically difficult because now it's not steps but you are running half of it downhill like leapfrog. I remember parts of it being dirt trails; flashback 20years when I did cross country.

4            0:05:11 8:20            0             -302
All down hill on road. Picking up speed...
5            0:03:44 6:00            0             -206
Unbelievable? I thought I could only do this on a flat first 1k. Thank you gravity!

6            0:04:17 6:54          12             -144
7            0:04:16 6:53          42             -18
8            0:04:22 7:02           7                0
9            0:04:20 6:58         42               -41
10          0:00:50 6:23           0               -12
The rest of the race was all flat; similar to Tolo 5k. I was happy with this pace especially after the brutal first 3k, but some girl just whizzed me by 200m ;( before the end. Good for her!

Summary 0:47:36 8:19 836 925
If you are planning to run or hike the Oxfam Trailwalker in November, Moontrekker in October, or Lantau 2 Peaks 20k race in October; then this race was a little taste of hill race running/hiking/walking.

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