Sunday, May 9, 2010

MacLehose Stage 3,4 [May 2/9] TrailRunning

Trail Running is a great way to quickly complete stages of the Hong Kong peaks and have enough time to do other things. Don't get me wrong, I think hiking is great as well to embrace the beauty. I'm just on a tight schedule. The first run was with the Hong Kong Hiking Meetup Group. It's a good mix of people because there are hikers, walkers, and runners. We did some 15 minutes of Tai Chi before starting stage 3. The trail is difficult; I believe Lantau and Sunset peaks are more difficult.

It's pretty much a "hike" going to the top, there are short distances to run but most of it is "short". Forget about running when it rains, it is quite dangerous from my experience. Once you hit the top, you head down and climb up all over again.


Stage 4 was only attempted on May 9th. The idea was to leave early and run stage 3 and meetup the "Meetup" group at stage 4. It didn't quite work that way. The terrain was very slippery and my running buddy got lost but was able to meet 10 minutes ahead of me at entrance of stage 4.

Stage 4 was muscle spam stage. I wasn't able to complete without stopping and stretching/resting. We were not able to catch the Meetup team because the fact that we got lost and I was just dead sore. It took 3 days to recover from my wounds.