Tuesday, February 1, 2011

HKTriA Duathlon #1 - Run 5k, Bike 28k, Run 5k

check out my facebook pictures of the race.

VFF vs Cushioned shoes for a duathlon? You be the judge. Being an amateur gives me freedom to experiment. So, here is my 'crazy' idea and well.. just watch the video. It might not be so crazy when you are looking for that extra edge. I, unfortunately, need to work on a lot more than shoe transition.

I had my usually breakfast of oatmeal and whey powder.

I'm not sure if riding 22km before a race is such a good idea. Well, in the long term it has to be and that is where my focus really is since the next big race is Ironman Singapore 70.3.

Run #1
Not too much I can really say about running around a circle 3 times... except I went hard and stayed close to the lead pack. The Vibram Five Fingers KSO work best on this type of surface, or possibly VFF Bikila  which I haven't tried. My first 2k were under 4:00/km, which I'm pretty happy with since I just came off of running a 100km in Vibram Five Fingers KSOTrek. I wish they measure the course more accurately. Garmin says 5.12 and I know the start sign was a good 5-10 meters from where we actually started.

I really need to work more on the bike. I know I am not strong enough to stay with the pack, but - anyways, to get closer would make me feel happy. I felt a little tired at the end. I really don't like the 14x cornering. I easily lose the pack when I have to grind away at the crank to get back up to speed.

Run #2
I think overall, the run was just okay. I'm happy I stayed below 5:00/km. I don't recall passing too many runners in my group and somewhat disappointed when I saw people 1 or 2 laps in front of me from the initial run meaning - I have to work more on the bike. When do I have time??

Overall feeling
As you can see - I rocked the 'transition'. Every bit counts! It's good to think differently and spark a revolution. I will take some time off and go skiing. Hope I will be good to go for the Hong Kong Standard Charter Full Marathon... See you then!!

Race Result
01:49:38 AG 40-49 13/30
Overall 69/162