Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bay2Bay 2km

I was pretty bummed out with my swim performance on 10/24. Since I only have around 2 training weeks left to train for my 1/2 Ironman; I needed some uplifting news on how I can swim 1.9km without getting a DNF. With a speed of 50minutes on a 1.5km swim, I would be cutting it within 5 minutes of DNF.

Well, Sunday race was 2km and it would be a stamp of what to expect. The morning had a certain chill in the air. At times underneath the shade and definately when I tested the water, my hair stuck straight out. I was even shivering at times... Everyone migrated to the end of the pier and we all waited like penguins. As the time reached 8:28, I figured it was time to jump in. Thankfully, the water was much warmer than the air; and so, after treading water for around 3 minutes, the siren went off.

I think I started too fast - my speed raced to 3.4mph and gradually slowed down to 2.2mph. I keep a metronome inside my swimming cap (among other things). But, I unfortunately never really pay attention to it... but I should.

Throughout the race, I felt like there was a pack of 3-4 of us swimming together. Once in a while, my arm would thrash someone's leg! Of course, it was a breast stroker :( After doing the video, I was reminded of how many times I was thrashed by other swimmers.. Even very close to the end! I guess this is a good thing~

I'm not sure if there was a current to help me go faster. After 10 minutes, I did seem to get into a rhythm. But as I was nearing the finish line, I apparently did a lot of zig-zagging. I need to work on the following:

1. Spit in goggles before race. Lots of fogging!
2. Keep popping Magnesium/Vitamin B/Banana/Salt before the race to prevent cramping
3. Stop going off course; look up on ever 6th stroke.
4. Relax and don't turn head every right stroke (really slows me down)

Overall: 207
Category - 4th from the bottom :(
Overall - 16th from the bottom :(

Winner: Fred Clatworthy (35-39) - 24:05 (what stuff was he on?)