Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sportsoho Triathlon Challenge Race (香港三項鐵人挑戰賽) 2011

What a difference one year of solid training will do! I'm very happy with my overall sprint triathlon. The course is similar to the one last year for two exceptions: rough waters and a stronger me. Unfortunately, I almost DNF because of I lost my goggles when I jumped into the water. Luckily Danny was able to locate them quickly in the choppy sea :). Also, I got donkey kicked about 600m with a bruised eye..

I reviewed my blog from the previous year's similar event, and 11 minutes extra in the water. Yes, I am still considerably slow but much improvement has been made. This includes a 23k bike ride over Tai Po Road before the race started.

But it is not just the swim that I was faster. My bike time increased by over 4 minutes and the run by a whopping 30 seconds per kilometer with a consistent 4:14 average.

I however did get lapped by the stronger athletes, but considering that I've been only doing this for a year. I am happy with my results.

For those who think they could have tried a little harder today. No worries, commitment and desire will prevail!