Sunday, October 24, 2010

The K-Swiss ITU Triathlon HK

After my first olympic distance triathlon race.. I have to say: "I'm keeping my day job". Granted in this sport/hobby, it takes a lot of effort to be above average. One thing I love about triathlon is the fact that even though I won't ever be great, it is very challenging and there is a lot of room for improvement when you suck at one, two, or even all three of the 3 disciplines.

My #1 sucky discipline is swimming. Just to give you an idea about this..
* I failed swimming class in grade school at the local Y.
* I almost drowed in a river after a workout in college.
* My splashes were so high that sometimes it would hit the ceiling of an indoor pool.
* I never swam more than 100m prior 2010
* Swim #1 - 750m swim duathlon but cut it short to 500m [29:00]
* Swim #2 - 500m run 500m [16:37], [20:01]
* Swim #3 - 750m swim (sprint tri) [28:43]

With four month of swimming consistently, this 1500m swim took me a little around 50 minutes. I know - I know, that time really sucks! But, in terms of improving - I would say I'm overall happy with the time. Just to give you a ratio my first swim took around 5:40 per 100m, I've trimmed it down to 3:30 per 100m. I will be thrilled if I can get it down to 2:30 per 100m by next year.

I had a major cramp in both of my legs with around 200m left on the swim. First it was my right leg, then my left. And this cramp is the type that is so painful, HELP! I'm drowing and have no usable legs! Have no mercy Poseidon? I hurt so much that I was shaking the living daylights out of my left leg and hoping to just clear the deck. Another issue I have is going off course. I look up but obviously not enough... I also seem to lose bearing and swim away from the line of swimmers (not good) to a point where I was stopped by a kayaker official. No need to blog about my mediocre bike/run... Ok, I'm done complaining. T1 seems to be my only chance to make up time!

Ok, so the result for my swim was a pathetic 90/92 :( [0:50:07] Boo hoo! - Yo #89, #91, #92 - how about getting some swimming lessons? Really... you suck! lol

So, here is the scorecard. Well, watch out Phuket Thailand - I'm after you on the hills DannyBoy...

Overall Male 35-39
[00:50:07] Swim 90/91
[00:07:30] T1 34/92
[01:19:09] Bike 75/92
[00:04:38] T2 87/92
[00:47:11] Run 44/92

[03:08:33] Tot 78/92

Overall Male
[00:50:07] Swim 388/409
[00:07:30] T1 139/410
[01:19:09] Bike 287/410
[00:04:38] T2 363/410
[00:47:11] Run 165/410

[03:08:33] Tot 309/410

Overall Male/Female
[00:50:07] Swim 444/471
[00:07:30] T1 153/472
[01:19:09] Bike 317/472
[00:04:38] T2 409/472
[00:47:11] Run 182/472

[03:08:33] Tot 350/472

Fear not JoggerJoel fans! I will improve~