Thursday, July 1, 2010

VIETNAM 100k 3DAY stage ultra marathon

This week has been heavy on the running. Including the 10k race that past Sunday, it will be over 123km. The most I've ever done in one week was 75km. One big gigantic step forward.

Hanoi, Vietnam where bridges are built but no roads on either side. That's how I'll remember Hanoi.

This event is well organized by Action Asia Events. There was spectacular views, steep hills, and easy to get lost because the villagers took down the markers.

Both day one and two are incomplete because the watch battery didn't last.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Splash ‘n Dash Aquathon Series – Race 2

This race is my first ever duathlon. I had butterflies the week of the race thinking about swimming 1500m since my swim is a little better than doggy paddling. I spent the prior weekends with a buddy of mine in open water off Gold Coast near Tuen Mun. At the race, I didn't realize they changed the course and it would be 3 laps.. I was focused on finishing 2 since this was the instructions I read on the internet; only to find out that it was changed at the last moment to 3 laps.

My swim consisted of 28 minutes for 750m. I believe I got lapped since the fastest guy finished the race in a little less an hour. I saw him before and he is a 30ish min 10k runner.

Because everyone wears the same cap, I wasn't disqualified but I will know that it will take me around 45 minutes for 1500m until I speed up with daily training in the pool

Split Time
1 0:29:39
2 0:04:16 - heavy breathing and high heartbeat out of the water
3 0:04:27
4 0:04:35
5 0:04:36
6 0:04:38
7 0:04:38
8 0:04:36
9 0:04:37
10 0:04:41
11 0:04:37
12 0:00:25
13 0:00:01
Summary 1:15:53

Overall, I am happy with the time.