Monday, February 28, 2011

AAE - Sprint Repulse Bay

I'm very happy that my fitness has increased over the last half year. I was able to quickly recover from the Standard Charter Marathon to run a quick adventure sprint the following week.

Being that I've been so busy wearing Vibram Five Fingers, I forgot where I put my Solomon trail running shoes :( I eventually had to grab my Nike flat road shoes. Not the wisest pre-race setup. But, I certainly won't wear barefoot technology on an Action Sprint. You'll see why after seeing the videos.

Pictures: Facebook

Official Results
1:10:27Clemant Dumont1
1:14:10Safrey Sumping2
1:15:22Jeremy Ritcey3
1:16:16Mark Western4
1:39:00Joel LaBelle40
3:30:08YAU LAI SHUN235