Monday, April 4, 2011

AAE - Sprint Tung Chung

"Watch out for sharp barnacles." - AAE Newsletter, (You've been warned - it will turn out bloody :)

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The run was going really well for the first 2.8km. I could see the lead pack and under 4:10/km pace. Then the little 20m swim caused a lot of grief. I thought free style would be better, but with no goggles; I became blinded by the water.. I came hard on the other side and hit the concrete stuff forcefully. Apparently there were a lot of barnacles and it ripped into my middle finger. I was bleeding profusely and 200m later I grabbed an Action Asia danger red/white ribbon (now really red) off a post to help stop the bleeding. It would require another 2.6km before I could get assistance since the gully provided little support. Once I arrived to the Tung Chung Road, the bleeding still wasn't stopping so I decided to have the volunteer call for help. Finally the medic team arrived and patched me up. GO! GO! GO! A starcraft was waiting for me up at the ascent...

I decided that I could still finish the race and not be last. So, it was 230m ascent to the top and back down. I passed a lot of people.. It's great because now they will have some video/pictures for their individual accomplishment. This blog after all is for all the Jogger Joe's and Jogger Jane's of the world. It wouldn't be not Action/Adventure racing without some blood. It's important to have the right equipment on this type of terrain. I did have gloves, but they were bike glove. I know I should be more careful on the 'ocean jump and swim to shore'...

OverallNameFinish timeCategory
1Clement Dumont1:05:51M 30-34
2Cosmo Richards1:10:21M 35-39
3Mark Western1:11:18M 45-49
4Jeremy Ritcey1:12:25M 35-39
5Seth Fischer1:13:38M 35-39
153Joel LaBelle2:03:40 (01:36:11 garmin)M 40-44