Monday, April 19, 2010

Lantau 2 Peaks Run #2

I found some other facebook runners around Hong Kong and one of them mentioned that they would run from Mui Wo to Big Buddha; eat and run back. Well, running that much in one day is too much for me; so this week, I gave it a stab to run it backwards. I initially thought I would try to end up near Discovery Bay... but, well - getting lost in the beginning changed my mind. I woke up early again (5:30AM) and headed toward Tung Chung; I arrived an hour earlier than last week since I don't need to wait for the boat. Once in Tung Chung..

I started to run and realized that I was going the wrong way! It is always difficult to remember which way to go when you try to visually stamp it on your forehead via google maps; next time I should bring a map.. but it'll just get wet and the sweat/rain and the fact that most of the runs are on trails make it more difficult to figure things out.

I located the point of entrance after running 4k later. I figured it would be straight in and up. Well, my mistake since after seeing public bathrooms... there is a big fork in the road. I used my best logic and decided to go straight. Try #1: Dead end; met a lady who told me it's near the bathroom and back I went. Ok try #2, let's try left turn (direction of the cable cars).. found a small "village" and cemetary only to find another dead end.

Tried another road but led to a mean unleashed barking dog. 3k later, I was on the right track... 400m and 3.5k later, I linked up with the Lantau trails.

It's now 2k and another 430m up to the first peak. The wind was so strong.. I video taped some parts of it and you can hear the wind just howl.

Everything was very cloudy and luckily I took some pictures of the Buddha and surrounding areas before the massive cloud mist rolled in.

Sunset peak was no different..

Although this peak is shorter in height, the run up to this peak is a little longer and steeper. I thought I was at the top; but, it kept on going higher. Just like the run up to Ngong ping, the run down is similar with woods, even including green moss.

After hitting pavement, I knew it was mostly downhill with a faster pace to finish up in Mui Wo.

For those interested in racing a similar course across Lantau 2 Peaks, try: Map.

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