Monday, April 12, 2010

Lantau 2 Peaks Run #1

I haven't ran long distance since my Standard Charter Hong Kong Marathon (2/28/2010). I felt that it was time to grind away and after doing some hill running in Boracay, Philippines; it was time to do a long run. I've been doing some research on Lantau Island and there are great hiking trails - one which is called Lantau Trails that is around 70k. I am obviously not ready for 70k.

My goal is to get an early start and take the ferry from Hong Kong to Mui Wo. It takes close to an hour. I met a guy on the ferry that will bike from Mui Wo to Big Budha. He biked 1000k around the country of Taiwan. Crazy? yet awe inspiring..

I started to run and asked the biker how to start up to Lantau Trail. He was spot on and I found the signs. After the concrete sidewalk run up to the park, it was all trails with lots of "forest".

I tried to run as much as possible, but it just got harder and harder. Finally, I was out of the tree line and was forced up the hill to Sunset Peak.

I passed hikers of three and didn't look back. First peak completed; then now to the harder Peak - Lantau Peak, very slippery going down.. Once I hit the road, It was so foggy - I felt I should go south: wrong! Came across some road workers and tried my best speaking Ngong Ping. They pointed the way I came.. dang, back up the "hill". I entered the left side of a park, right next to the exit and headed west.

Unfortunately went south and ran on more trails only to realize that I was going the wrong way. Luckily, this path reconnects with Lantau trail and it was actually very enjoying. Much more flat trail running the just steps. After a while, I heard conversation again and met up with the 3 hikers from before. This part of the run, is mostly walking up stairs and it gets hard! I was fortunate to have company to the top.

Took pictures and got 2 mars bars from one of the hikers. Very windy at the top. Going down hill was steep and left the 3 hikers in the "dust". I wanted to go to Big buddha, but the visibility wasn't worth it. Got on the bus.. as I waited, I saw the 3 hikers pass me.

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  1. I'm so in awe of your accomplishments. Mom